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Repair & Refinishing

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Our experienced craftsmen provide restoration and conservation of all metals, from brass, bronze, copper, silver and gold to cast iron, steel and aluminum. We can remove tarnish and protect metal with a special coating, restore patina if desired, reattach broken parts or rebuild missing sections. No job is too small nor too big for us; we can repair anything from household silverware and antiques to large scale sculpture and monuments. We have often been commissioned to repair and refinish copper roofing on old churches, or add a patina on the brand new metal creations adorning lobbies of the major public buildings. Among our most praised achievements are the replicas of authentic entrance and elevator doors in several historic buildings, along with the railings and other old bronze or brass fixtures. Whether you just have a small precious metal object in need of repair, or you are responsible for a large-scale building renovation, give us a call and we will provide our expertise and services. With our engineering background and an extensive hands on experience, we often provide consulting services related to the structural, mechanical, and/or chemical problems in the usage and handling of brass, bronze, copper, steel and glass.